How the Text-Obsessed “Distracted” Generation Will Become the Engaged Generation for Associations

July 23, 2009 at 3:15 pm Leave a comment

PhoneWe already know that ASAE’s 2006 Decision to Join study showed the younger generations value social networking at a higher level than previous generations.  In addition, it appears the younger generations remain to see a strong need for associations.

Since I have two boys under age 10, let’s dive a little bit deeper into what one might be tempted to label as Generation D, the distracted generation. 

The main source of distraction in the eyes of parents is kids texting endlessly.  Just in the past month, here is my top 3 list of strangest places I’ve seen kids texting:

1) A girl texting while riding a bike down the street, one hand texting on the phone the other on the handle bar.

2) A girl texting will riding the hang glider ride spinning round-and-round up-and-down at a summer festival midway.

3) Two kids texting each other while sitting side-by-side.

While I can understand the temptation to label this new generation as distracted, I choose to label them differently… very socially focused.  This is excellent news for associations, especially as we drive our social media strategy into more of a convergent pipeline and straight into the iPhones and smartphones of the future. 

Social engagement is what creates the cohesive social investment which has kept our associations running throughout time and will continue to help us build even stronger futures.  The only thing that has changed is the medium/s in which we operate.  Smoke signals, the printed word, the telegraph, the telephone, the radio, the tv and now the social web sphere.    

While the iPhone dominates the U.S. market right now, the other phone makers are frantically developing comparable platforms which will ultimately enable the development of applications for multiple platforms.  In the meantime, the iPhone is the best bet for application experimentation.  Why not get started today? SM 

Ready to join your future already in progress, but not quite sure where to start?  Visit


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