Quick Tips and Ideas – The Role of Market Research and Data Analysis in Recession-Proofing Your Association

July 19, 2009 at 10:19 pm Leave a comment

London Eye & PlaneDevelop “X-Ray” Vision through Market Research and Data Analysis 

Gather and maintain a 360 degree view of the direct and indirect opportunities and threats to your association by observing, measuring and monitoring trends and developments through market research and data analysis.

 Here are some actionable ideas to consider:

  •  Get into your member’s environment and shadow them regularly to see the world through their eyes and observe the spoken and unspoken behavioral truths.
  •  Conduct regular quarterly omnibus surveys with members to identify/track trends and developments.
  •  Monitor and track the social web regularly to identify trends, influencers, perspectives and groundswell. 
  •  Establish a “Membership Advisory Panel”.
  • Conduct one-on-one interviews employing the same questions until you begin to see patterns in responses.
  • Create an opportunity for meaningful participation through decision-based all member surveys… not forgetting to report the eventual data-driven action which is taken.
  • Conferences are a great gathering point for all types of members and a great place to conduct focus groups at minimal cost.
  • Conduct interviews with your conference exhibitors to explore additional insight into your member audiences.

Thoughts, questions or additions?  Share your comment below or contact me directly at stuart@socialfrequency.net.


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