What Corporate Interactive Marketers and Agencies can Learn from Associations When it Comes to Building a Social Brand

June 30, 2009 at 9:29 pm Leave a comment

ACMEI must confess that I love to monitor big corporate marketing and advertising agency blogs and eNewsletters.  Why?  First and foremost, because I learn allot.  Second, as a curious spectator of the struggles they are facing in adapting to a social interactive world in which it is no longer possible to control the “massography” in the same way they once maintained a dominant control over the traditional uni-directional mass media world.

True behavioral marketing moves well beyond consumer action deeper into the social and emotional psychology which motivates and forms a relationship between consumer and product/brand.  More about the “cause” , less about the “effect”.       

As it turns out, social media has shown that consumers are actually pretty smart and savy when it comes to sniffing out mass media plots and gimmicks of days gone by.  Consumers want authenticity and human connections… they want to feel empowered, connected and heard… something that has been at the fabric of associations as long as like-minded people have found value in coming together to associate.  As the Irish Proverb goes, “Two makes the road shorter”.    

When it comes to social media, I ask the corporate marketers and ad executives a simple question:

 “Have you hugged your association executive today?… we feel your pain and think our traditional member-centric models of engagement can help.  Share in our proud tradition of relationship-based brand expertise.  After all, “member-centric” means we are run by members, for members.  A sense of investment and ownership is a powerful force when it comes to consumer loyalty.  Associations aren’t simply a brand, we are truly a relationship-driven brand family” 

To my fellow association executives out there, there are bigger and bolder blue skies ahead as we begin to set our sights and social media strategies on the evolutionary application of our user-centric business models.  In doing so, we vastly expand our sphere of participation, information-exchange, networking and, ultimately, influence.  Let’s also understand that control remains as much an illusion to us as it does to our for-profit counterparts.

Coming Soon…   5 Reasons Twitter Gives Associations Much to Tweet About


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