Accelerated Learning Through Passive Mentoring Opportunities

December 4, 2008 at 1:14 pm Leave a comment

stuart-meyer1I must confess, I’m somewhat of an unsuspecting stalker when it comes to seeking mentoring for my own personal and professional development.  My ideal “stalkee” can be virtually anyone, regardless of age or level of experience.  The reason is when it comes to being mentored in life and career, we are surrounded on a daily basis by unlimited mentors to draw upon for learning..  Simply put, there is much to learn about ourselves through the lives of others. 

The reality is you can find a mentor in just about anyone, living or dead.  Even more, the many people we have the good fortune to cross paths with on a daily basis may not even be aware they are mentoring you.  How is this possible?  It’s because each of us possess unique strengths and behaviors which just seem to come naturally and effortlessly.  I’m talking about the traits which we can attribute to our successes in life as we perform best when we are able to do what comes naturally to us.  Bad actors are always revealed in time and chances are they are the last ones to realize their “jig is up”.  Put another way, it takes twice as much energy to work in ignorance of our weakenesses than it does to work in concert with them.   

If you pay close attention as a conscious observer you will not only see how others succeed but you will also have a point of reference for comparison against your own strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures.  From this process of what I call “passive mentoring” you can actually draw lessons and ideas for your own development from others who most likely have no idea of the gift they are bestowing upon you.

I believe that our true strengths in life often emerge from our weaknesses and that it is unlikely we can convert our weakenesses to truly natural strengths.  In other words, we naturally develop strengths in one area to compensate for our weakness in other areas.  We are all “incomplete” in a way.  However, we can learn from others and “polish” our weaknesses to an extent we can keep our weakeness from overshadowing our strengths in life OR we can use our weaknesses as a measure to determine whether or not we are living in accordance with our strengths and true purpose in life.  Either way, passive mentoring in the careful observation of others can enable us to evolve through wisdom and learning.  Now get out there… your mentors are waiting. SM         


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