Survival Tips for Managing Innovation … It’s Evolutionary!

August 27, 2008 at 5:37 am Leave a comment

One of my favorite expressions is that often times “ignorance is bliss”.  For the innovators out there who love envisioning the future and the changes which must be made today, survival is rooted in either an exceptionally thick outer layer of skin or, perhaps, divine naivity. 

If you fall somewhere between these two extremes, here are some tips for the day to keep you moving forward:

  • Maintain a strong focus on the outcome of your vision when weathering the present and future challenges you face. 
  • Revolutionary ideas are referred to as “revolutionary” for a reason… they often first cause “revolt”.  However, always remember that it’s easier for others to dismiss an idea or believe to be crazy rather than to admit they might not be able to see that which may seem so clear to you.
  • Involve stakeholders in the process as early as possible to uncover potential pitfalls and invest them in the process. 
  • Cultivate a strong yet open-mind to house your conviction and a loving heart rooted in a deep appreciative understanding of people. 
  • Always remember that when leading your organization or providing leadership from where you stand, the best path to successful change is through inclusive participation and evolutionary stages.

Keep moving forward!


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